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Psychological assessment offers far more than a mere diagnosis. Whether you or your child have endured multiple psychiatric hospitalizations, tried various psychotherapies and medications without success, are grappling with perplexing symptoms, or simply seek a thorough understanding of your unique experience, psychological assessment can offer invaluable insights beyond a diagnostic label. It serves as a compass for navigating your journey towards improved well-being.

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A Tailored Approach

I provide comprehensive assessment that is curated for your unique needs. From the first meeting, I adopt a holistic approach, investing time in understanding your specific questions and concerns. Based on the insights gained during our initial sessions, I thoughtfully choose each assessment tool with a clear purpose in mind. After the assessment process is complete, I will provide you with a thorough report. This report doesn't solely revolve around a diagnosis but delves into your overall functioning, offering recommendations and outlining potential paths forward for your overall well-being.

Common reasons for seeking a private, client-centered assessment include:

-Wanting an evaluation to confirm a psychiatric diagnosis as a second opinion

-Seeking testing for ADHD or other diagnoses

-Clarifying a complex clinical picture when other clinicians are not able to do so alone

-Jump-starting therapy with a comprehensive treatment plan

-Wanting a quality report without having to share sensitive information like diagnoses with third-party payors

If you are interested in receiving a tailored and holistic assessment, contact me and we can discuss whether I might be the right fit for you.

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