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Psychological assessment can provide so much more than a diagnosis. Whether you or your child have been through repeated psychiatric hospitalizations, undergone psychotherapy and medication trials that have not helped, or have symptoms that don't seem to make sense, psychological assessment can provide much needed guidance beyond a diagnosis.

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A Unique Approach

Many psychologists perform psychological assessments. What makes my assessments unique? My focus, the personalized care I provide, and the confidence you can have in the process.


Rather than assessing symptoms or neurological functioning, I assess whole persons. While this often includes diagnostic and cognitive considerations, my focus is on bringing to light the underlying causative factors of your adolescent's challenges and developing a personalized plan to address these factors directly.

Because of my focus on whole persons, I may ask for more of you than other examiners. I may ask to meet with you or your adolescent several times during the assessment process rather than once or twice, to speak with other providers in-depth, and to obtain health and school records. This is to ensure that I have the best information during the assessment process.

Personalized Care

When you retain me for psychological assessment, you can rest well knowing I bring years of experience providing hospital-level assessment to adolescents. I only take one assessment case at a time so that each family will have my full focus until I am convinced I have the most accurate results I can provide.

While most psychological assessments are conducted in controlled environments like office settings, I have experience providing assessment in residential environments and am happy to discuss whether it would be appropriate for me to provide psychological assessment services for your adolescent in-home.


Once the assessment is complete, I will meet with you and present you with a detailed report--in understandable language--that includes a fully developed plan for where to go from here. Even after the assessment process concludes, I am still on your team. I will consult with future providers, share results with others if you wish, and help you get started with next steps.

If what you read here sounds like what you are looking for, contact me and we can discuss together what you are seeking and how I can help.

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